Perch is a project which is centered around the emotion and experience of a treehouse,

focusing on escape and removal from the everyday.

Treehouse Chair.jpg

While conducting research for Perch, I noticed an opportunity to implement the ideals

and experiences of a treehouse in a bustling urban environment

where many underutilized spaces exist near places we visit daily.

Refined Sketches 1.jpg

Based on observations and peer conversations, ideation began surrounding hiding and escape as well as adventure

and exploration in seemingly ordinary or mundane spaces. These discussions lead toward

an encompassing structure that provides both security and isolation

while still giving the user a vantage point to observe and experience the world around them.


The final concept for Perch consists of a base chair shell with contoured weatherproof cushions

lining its interior that add to user comfort as well as sound isolation from external chaos. Depending on location, 

the base shell can be set atop aluminum legs, a ladder structure, or wood legs for indoor use.

Treehouse on Ledge.jpg

Accompanying the final installation is a holistic advertising campaign consisting of local indicators directing to nearby

Perch spaces, as well as posters designed as subtle maps to these urban escapes. These indicators add to the sense

of discovery and adventure drawn from the experience of a traditional treehouse.