Virtaus is a modern lavatory faucet crafted from porcelain and solid walnut

and is equipped with proximity sensor technology and an embedded touch interface.



User research was conducted across a diverse range of backgrounds. Through conversations it became clear

that the one of the main pain points was around the difficulty in keeping faucets clean,

thus making Delta’s new technology and sensors clear improvements.


It was also observed that there seemed to be

a wide range of styles available for modern fixtures, but a lack of material exploration existed.

With this in mind, new and functional materials were explored.



For this collaboration, the client left the brief wide open, thus leaving lots of space for form exploration.

This faucet would be something that users would use multiple times per day; it was imperative that the human scale

feel appropriate and the form fit into modern home decor. Because of this,

the majority of ideation happened physically rather than digitally or through sketching.


Install Branding.jpg

Through the process of ideation and research, I found that there was an opportunity to explore the user interface

in modern lavatory faucets - another potential area to leverage Delta’s appetite for emerging faucet technology.

In tandem with the form development I explored user interface design for controlling the fixture.