The Windows Store Within A Store was a total redesign of

Windows’ presence at 24 Best Buy stores in the Chicagoland area.


I was responsible for overseeing the entire design process from initial client briefing to early ideation,

multiple rounds of design on various version and concepts and creating final concept renderings for production.


The overall floorplan scaled depending upon the store size and was 2,000ft² in its largest installation.

The hero piece in the space is a 14-foot tall brand wall comprising a large Windows beacon logo, 

multiple illuminated app tiles and wall bays for a multitude of 3rd party accessories.

Back Wall Isolation.jpg
OEM Pinball Closeup.jpg
Overall Space_Top-Down.jpg

Through the course of the project I worked in close collaboration with the client, in-house engineering team

and production managers to see the project through to installation. I was also involved in the construction and client review

of full scale prototypes of all the main fixtures, including the marquee 36-foot back wall.