The goal of Birchbox at Walgreens is to deliver an experience designed for the casual beauty consumer - to bring

ease and fun to discovering, buying, and using beauty products. We sought to meld the world of

Birchbox and Walgreens into a cohesive space that delights the shopper.

Birchbox Walgreens Launch_Wrigley-80.jpg

The entire project spanned a mere 12 weeks from project kickoff to product release.

Six stores were opened in December 2018 in Minneapolis, Chicago, New York and LA; additional

stores are slated for 2019 in Miami, California and Dallas.

Image courtesy of Birchbox

Image courtesy of Birchbox

Birchbox Walgreens Launch_Wrigley-28.jpg
Birchbox Walgreens Launch_Wrigley-5.jpg

One of the key areas for Birchbox in their new space was the BYOB experience, where visitors are invited to

“Build Your Own Birchbox” in-store. This concept brought the Birchbox DNA and core

experience to life in a retail environment.

Birchbox Walgreens Launch_Wrigley-76.jpg
Birchbox Walgreens Launch_Wrigley-49.jpg

Birchbox is on a mission to be a bright spot in the beauty industry and infuse delight and joy into the discovery

and buying process for the non-beauty obsessed shopper. Inside each Birchbox at Walgreens shop is an Instagram selfie

experience with moveable graphics and localized decals to encourage engagement and social sharing.


Birchbox at Walgreens shops, and the brands’ partnership, received great coverage from the press

as well as thousands of likes and shares from customers and influencers on social media.