Will is a multi-disciplinary designer focusing on Industrial, Retail and Environmental Design. His work is focused on creating meaningful, inquisitive and lasting experiences for users through Design.

Studio Will Wetherilt was formed out of a desire to lead a more relational life and enable the pursuit of varied creative endeavors alongside family and dear friends. Will has experience in creating retail experiences for some of the world's top brands; branding packages for entrepreneurial startups; future-focused product concepts; architectural visualization; and small, hand-crafted objects for tasteful homes. Will is always up for a challenge and you can find him anywhere between Milwaukee, Chicago, San Francisco and Kansas City - soaking up creative inspiration and spending time with loved ones. 

I am so excited by Design's powerful potential to influence our lives, and look forward to the ways that Design will create better objects, brands and experiences in the future. If you're interested in working together, drop me an email - I'd love to get to know you and meet you for a Cortado! If you'd like to download a copy of my resume, please click here.



I've had the pleasure to work with the following brands and others.